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Scam PTC & GPT Sites

Scam PTC & GPT Sites

Avoiding Scam PTC Sites
The Internet is saturated with so many paid to click sites to join nowadays, and for every legit site there exists a scam site. Sometimes it is not an easy task to discern a legit site from a scam site, so you really need to take the time and research before you join a site. The last thing you want to do is invest time and money into a site only to have it all disappear. There are some simple rules you can follow to help avoid scam sites.

Read the TOS
Look at how much they are paying per click and per a referral’s click. If it the amount sounds too good to be true it probably is. Don’t be drawn in by the big numbers with promise of making quick money. Any site that is paying too much will not be able to survive on its own advertising and will eventually go down taking whatever cash they have made with them.

Overall Site Impression
Second, take a look at the site as a whole. Does it look professional or does it look like someone downloaded the clone script and just slapped a site together by changing a few things. Legit sites have a more original feel, even if they have a modified clone script to develop their website. You can also easily tell that a legit site has invested the time and money to develop it.

Read Paid to Click Forums
Check the forums to see what kind of feedback other members have about the site. Forums have a wealth of knowledge about almost every PTC site out there. Posts by happy members are a good indicator of a legit site and a good gauge of how successful it is. If a site is not so good or really bad, you will definitely see posts about it. Sometimes there are conflicting posts of good and bad experiences, in which case you should use the other factors to help you decide. Also many forums have blacklisted or scam sites section showing you which ones to avoid which makes the research alot easier.

How Active is the Admin of the Site
Good sites have very active admins. He/She is usually very busy fielding trouble tickets, complaints, answering PMs and running the site. If the admin doesn’t respond to any of these in a timely fashion, it’s usually an indicator of a poorly run site or a site that should definitely be avoided. The forums of the site will tell you how active the admin is and the impression members have of him/her.

Search Google
Another easy way to check is to just do a search in Google or Yahoo for the name of the ptc site in question. You can cross reference the search results with some of the research you did earlier to see if it checks out or not.

Ultimately its up to you to decide which ptc sites to join. There are many resources to help you decide. Do your research and don’t take any shortcuts or you may end up wasting your time and money if you invested any.

The Best PTC/GPT and Bux host Sites

PTC Services

The Best PTC Sites, has compiled areas of interest in the PTC world to start your career in earning money online for free. Our first suggestion is that you use the PTC Services to earn a small profit in your e-currenacies (preferably Alertpay and Paypal). Then invest that money!

 We will go into more detail on what to do with your spare dollars in the Investment Programs section, for now have a look at the different sections under PTC Services on the left. We would advise you to read our Guide and Tips & Tricks section before joining any of these programs. Once you have the relevent e-currency accounts and you have read our guides then proceed to the trusted sections to see which have PTC Sites have been paying recently.

Guide and Tips & Tricks

1 Register at Alertpay or Paypal FREE 
You will need to do this so that PaidToClick (PTC) sites can pay you.  

2 Register a Gmail account FREE 
You need to have an email account to complete the next step.  

3 Visit TheBestPtcSites and join the sites FREE 
This site contain one of the best ptc sites . Just register at them and start earning!

More details  

1 How do PTC sites work? 
PTC sites is a way to communicate between advertisers and publishers (in this case the clickers or also called affiliators). Advertisers want to show their sites to people and they pay for it.  Users at the ptc sites want to earn money and they do it by clicking the ads from advertisors.  

2 What is a referral? 
There is an "upline" and a "downline". The downline is the so called "referral", a person who joined with a special link from already existing user. The upline is the person who is already registered at a site and is helping other people to register at the sites with the special link from the upline.  

3 Why do we need referrals? 
The PTC and many GPT (Get Paid To) owners invest a lot of money in their sites. They also have to invest in selfsponsored ads when they start because there are no advertisers willing to advertise at a site with only 10 members. That's why they offer referral earnings to the people who help other people to register witht heir special link called "referral link or ref link". Referral earnings can be everything from 5-100% of what the downline (referrals) earn to 1-10 cent for each new referral that join your downline.  

Referral earnings help the ptc owners to use less money on advertising (or no at all) in the long run. The higher referral earnings are the more people are willing to invest their own money in advertising the site to get these referral earnings that can be really huge if you got a very big downline (many referrals).